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Matt will walk you through a step by step process on how to charge more, work less and feel great about it

The system that he used to increase prices 3x in a year and have more sales conversions

In this LIVE presentation you’ll discover

 The mindset needed to ask for big sales like you do them all day

 How to work out the TRUE value of your time – it’s more than you think!

Closing techniques that will get your prospects and existing customers spending more money with you

 How to craft your $20k offer and get people to buy it

 How to identify your ideal, A-Grade client and how to speak their language so that they buy big and quickly

 The key to making your brand look and feel expensive and professional

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Space is limited to the first 30 registrations.

Bio: Matt Clark – The Virtual Edge

I am the Chief Igniter, I get to do what I love to do which is sales and marketing. I also get to do something that gets the biggest results in our business: support and serve my team. I have come to understand that failure + perseverance = success. The lessons learned from my story have helped me simplify and do more with less. It‘s shown me how to identify ‘A Team Players‘ like the guys below.

I started my first company at 23 selling PABX and copiers door to door and myself and my partners at the time aggressively grew the business 300% per year and racked up almost R200 million in sales in 4 years. So I know how to structure sales systems and processes to generate cash quickly.

If I had the knowledge of marketing automation then it would have probably made us sell more. Seeking out and learning from incredibly successful business owners locally and internationally has expanded my view on what is possible and how to go about and I bring all that knowledge and hard work to you so you can experience it too. I love what I do and am fully dedicated to our clients and my team

Sound Warehouse – Gary Crowngold

We doubled our sales within a month of working with Matt and his team and it was in December, which is normally our quiet month

Space Box – Hjalmar Venter

Our experience has been incredible, we had the best month we have ever had and we applied the principles we were taught which saved us hundreds of thousands in development and systems costs. Thank you!

Peter Sage

Working with Matt I was able to automate my sales and marketing for my 3 day event, which made over £70 000 in a little under 2 weeks

Space is limited to the first 30 registrations.