Lead Generation

Case Study

Kate Emmerson

Lead Generation

(blog & FB and video series download)

Kate Emmerson is The Quick Shift Deva and declutter expert. She teaches people how to remove the clutter from their lives so that they can live a freer and more productive life. She also helps people to write their books and produce their passion and put it into a book. Kate came to us because she was doing a lot of different things to generate leads and interest, but it wasn’t really generating the quality of leads that she really wanted.

She’s written two books. She has been featured in a movie. She has been featured on 702, Afternoon Express, Morning Live, Entrepreneur Magazine, Cape Times, Beeld, Cliff Central, Cosmopolitan, Woman & Home. She’s been very widely exposed but wasn’t generating the leads and the quality of leads that she really wanted to.

When she came to us, we took a look at the strategies, where she was being promoted, and the platforms that she had available to her, and also where she was driving people and what call to action she was asking people to do. One thing that was really clear was that the call to action wasn’t clear, and also the quality of the people coming through they didn’t really know what they were coming there for.

On her blog posts, we put a very clear call to action, which was either download her free three-day course or buy one of her books or buy the movie. Depending on whatever the blog post was about, the call to action would resonate with that. Similarly, with all the shows that she was being featured on and all the magazines that she was being featured on, we set up a page specifically so that she could drive people to that page and capture all of their information. Give them a freebie to download or an ethical bribe as we sometimes call it to entice them to fill in their information and capture their leads, and she could start the conversation with them.

Before that, we also set up some Facebook ads and we drove traffic to her site, so that she can get in front of more people. The structure that we used to drive people to her blog posts. If people don’t take action on the blog posts, then we set up a separate ad and retarget them and get them to take action and download to do the call to action, whatever that was. The result was that we were able to generate thousands of leads for only a couple of hundred rands. She was already doing a lot of stuff, but there wasn’t a clear strategy in place.

A couple of key things that came out here was if you’re already getting in front of a lot of people, have a specific call to action, have a specific place to send them, and have a way to capture their information. The second thing is that when running the Facebook ads, you can generate a lot of leads, thousands of leads for a couple of hundred rand or a couple thousand rand. By being consistent is what actually gets more and more people to take action. That was key for Kate.

She was very consistent in writing blogs. She wrote one blog post a week, and then we boosted that and advertised that. The net result is that she’s got thousands more leads. She’s had a lot more people going through her sales funnels. Income has multiplied many times over, and she’s got a constant pipeline of people who are buying her product. The best part is that it’s all automated.

Key Takeaways

  • Use FB and social media ads to generate leads for very low cost
  • Retarget people who go to your website and get your brand message in front of them as often as possible – they went to look at your website for a reason so follow up with them to entice them to take action and when they are ready to buy, they buy from you
  • Be consistent in your communication with your audience – write blogs and post regularly on social media platforms
  • Have a clear lead generation strategy in place, how are you collecting leads, where are they coming from, where are you spending money and how are you following up.
  • Have a specific call to action and landing pages so you know where the leads come from and are able to track them

Game of life

Lead Generation


Game Of Life is a company that sells fractional ownership as well as holidays to places all over the world. They came to us because they wanted more leads, but they also wanted to convert more of the leads. Now the interesting thing to know about these guys is that they sell high ticket item products, so the minimum package was like 100,000 Rand at the time, and what they were currently doing was they were blanket, or taking the shotgun approach and text messaging hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people and hopefully some of them would text back and say yes they’re interested.

Now this had a very, very low conversion rate because it was also spray and pray method and it wasn’t specifically targeted to their ideal target market. So, we came in with a different approach and decided to use Facebook and specifically target their ideal clients. This was people who live the pleasure life, who are high earners, who like to go away often, who like to take their families away often. We put up a competition to win a getaway to a Bush Lodge, and the results were that we put up an ad on Facebook and drove people to a landing page where they have to fill in their information and we asked them some qualifying questions as well. There were thousands of people who actually went to the landing page, but obviously not everybody actually fills in their details. Some people are more serious than others.

Now the interesting thing about this is that you get a lot less leads coming through, but the ones that asking the qualifying questionnaire, but the ones that do come through are A, highly qualified, and B, a lot more interested because they’ve taken the time to actually fill this thing out.

So the results was this, for a spend of 2,777 Rand and 99 cents, we yielded 244 leads. These are people that had entered the competition, filled in their information, gone through a whole long qualifying questionnaire, confirmed their email address, and were interested in the actual competition itself.

Then next step was to follow up with them and plug them into the sales pipeline, whereby the sales people could then close the deals. The interesting thing to remember is that their closing percentage from the text message was less than 1%, and by going through this campaign, their closing percentage was close around 30%.

You can imagine just what that did for their business itself, not only did it generate more leads, but it generated higher quality leads that were more ready to spend money and to purchase than just having people who said that they were interested. It creates better quality conversations and they’re easier to close because they’re almost there already.

Key Takeaways:

  • A solid sales pipeline is important if you have a longer sales process so that you can track where people are in the buying process
  • You can generate leads that lead to high ticket sales directly from Facebook
  • Putting qualifying questionnaires in place is not such a bad thing, yes you will get less leads coming through but the ones that do come through will be more ready to buy
  • A spray and pray method is a lot less effective and much more expensive than super targeting your ideal target clients
  • There are many ways to get people to give you their contact details – coupons, competitions, e-books, reports  and whitepapers, video series and trainings
  • It is incredibly effective to have a marketing and sales process that educates your potential buyers before they talk to a salesperson or you so that you have better quality conversations and you are not having to educate and repeat yourself with each new prospect

Sound Warehouse

Lead Generation

(FB ads, R826 for 1491 clicks. Liking, sharing and asking questions)

Sales and Marketing Automation


Sound Warehouse is a company that provides audio equipment. Speakers, microphones, array speakers for small as well as large events. Anything from a one person band up to thousands of people running outdoor stages. Sand Warehouse came to us because they were ticking along and they reached a plateau in their business. They wanted to generate more business. They wanted to generate more leads, and they wanted to have better quality conversations and sell higher-ticket items. We took a look at their online store. Their entire business is run online and their prices are incredible. They had some great offers. We looked at how we could structure their products slightly differently to attract more of their ideals, and structure some packages for specific people. For example, speakers who have rooms of ten people and up to 500 people.

There were different packages for that. Then, based on those, we ran Facebook ads directly to their ideal clients. Now, the interesting thing here is that the ads that we setup, multiple different ads, and the purpose was to drive more traffic to the website to capture more leads on the website and to start more conversations. From the Facebook ads that we setup, we’ll end up spending 826 rand and generated 1,491 leads. The interesting thing from that is that not only were people going and liking and sharing the posts, but they were also actually asking questions and buying. What’ll end up happening is that within a month of setting this up, Sand Warehouse doubled their revenue and it was in November, and they had the best December that they’ve ever had in all the years that they’ve been running, even though it was a much shorter month. 1,491 leads, 826 rand, and they doubled their revenue within the month of working with us.

Some of the key things to know about Sound Warehouse and the strategy we use was that we bundled the product to very specific people. We then advertised and setup the Facebook ad targeting those very specific people. We made the orders and the checkout pages incredibly simple. When they went to that page, they found something that was for them and the prices were simple and the price was better than what they could find anywhere else. It’s about creating the right offer, talking the language of your ideal target market, and then getting your product or services in front of your ideal target market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify who your ideal target market is and design your products and services in a way that appeals specifically  to your target market
  • Use social media and Google to run adverts to your ideal target market – the more specific you are with who that is the better
  • If you want to sell more volumes and higher ticket items, you need to design you strategy and products around it.
  • It is entirely possible to have your entire sales process online and automated and you need to have the right tools in place to make that a possibility
  • Follow up with your leads a lot

The Accounting Team

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Space Box

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Space Box

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Nicola Grace

Lead Generation

(breaking into a new international market – EDM)

Nicola Grace is an Australian-based Entrepreneur and she wanted to further expand her reach into South Africa. She  already had a handful of clients and loved the relationships and the dedication of the people she was working with and was looking to work with more people like that. They paid well, did the work and loved the interaction. Her goal was to come to South Africa and run a series of events that would grow her brand, increase her reach and gain her some more of her ideal clients. She was already working with us to automate her sales and marketing and wanted to know how she could grow her audience here.

There were a couple of options: FB, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, which all worked pretty good, but the challenge was that in order to get the numbers she was looking for, she would have had to spend a few thousand dollars on advertising..

African Reptiles and Venom

Lead Generation

(79 Leads)

African Reptiles and Venom is a company that specialises in identification of venomous snakes, as well as handling venomous snakes, as well as the first aid treatment of snake bites from venomous snakes. How to identify what kind of venom you have been bitten by, and what the relevant first aid treatment for that is. On top of that, they actually do a handling course, where you can handle the venomous snakes themselves and get photos taken with them.

They came to us because they were looking to fill their courses once a month with 30 people in the course. What was interesting was that he’d been running the business, he’d been in this industry for 51 years. He kind of built up a database of names that were all saved in his Microsoft Outlook but hadn’t been mailing the database, hadn’t been following up. These were all people who had taken the courses at one stage or another, and he’d never done anything else with them.

We extracted all of that information and plugged it into a system, which would allow us to mail all of these people out. We created a short book on how to identify snakes, a short guide with pictures on how to identify snakes and what the relevant treatment is for their bite and for their toxin. We sent that out to his list. It landed up being a list of two or three thousand people. Out of that, he immediately had 79 people put their hands up, interest into the course. This was on the first send out.

The first return was fantastic. He filled his course almost immediately, just out of one mail send out. Then, from there, we started running Facebook ads. The most recent ad stats are pretty impressive. We set up various ads, also targeting his ideal target market, and we got pretty clever on here, as well, of who we were looking for. We targeted some of the competition. We targeted people who were looking at snakes. We targeted parents, people who were interested in the safety of their children. The results were absolutely amazing. There were 900 leads generated for just over 1,000 rand, which means it’s a little more than one rand per lead, which is pretty incredible.

There’s almost a thousand leads that they can now start talking to to get them to come and join their course. Now, the best part about this is that the follow-up to this, to get them to join the course, is all automated. The key thing here with African Reptiles and Venom was to send the right message out to the right people, to send them a book and then to follow up, follow, up, follow up, follow up. The most interesting thing about this is the amount of people that are actually interested in taking a snake course and in learning about snakes.

Not only did we do the mail and the book, but also ran Facebook ads directly to … We uploaded videos to do lead generation to their Facebook page, got more active on their social media, started taking videos of the training courses and putting that up so people can engage into what it’s about. Also, writing blogs, posting more regularly on Facebook, taking photos of the snakes when their milking the snakes. Actually, with Mike handling snakes and explaining things about what they’re about, and all of this gained interest, which makes their lead generation so much better.

On top of this, they are posting into various Facebook groups to drive traffic back to the website. On average, not only did they generate 900 leads, but on their website itself, they’re getting about three to five thousand visitors per month coming to the website. The key thing here is that when you capture all of those by having a lead magnet in place and a form so that they can plug directly into the CRM.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you have a visual product  or service, use social media to engage with your audience and be consistent with posting and engaging
  • You are never too old or too far down the line to change your direction and engage with your clients, build relationships and build your business
  • It is incredibly important to engage with your list regularly so that when you want them to buy or take action, you are not contacting them ‘out of the blue’
  • It is important to build your list and keep good records of the people who you have done business with and even just interacted with
  • Use systems to as far as possible to automate your follow up, sales, marketing and client engagement
  • Send the right message to the right people at the right time to get maximum engagement and your system will tell you when this is
  • Facebook is a fantastic way to generate leads both paid and free

The Virtual CFO

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Dream Body Fitness

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Master Class

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The Mindful Juice Guy

(72 leads)

The Mindful Juice Guy is a company that teaches people how to juice, as well as the healing properties and the spiritual elements of juicing and what it does for your body. They came to us because they wanted to generate more leads, and also automate their marketing processes, their sales processes, as well as their events.

The first thing that we need to note is that they already had a book, an ebook, but wasn’t using it effectively. We put a strategy together to have the ebook go out, change the title of the ebook so that it spoke specifically to their ideal client. We then identified who their ideal client was and we sent out the book their list. The key thing to note here is that the list was very small, there were only about 800 people on the list.

Now, what happened from there is that we asked them to download the book, we sent them a copy of the book, download the book, and then follow-up to get them to book a strategy session or a consultation so that they could talk about juicing, and how it works, and what it does for your body, and losing weight, and becoming a better person, having more energy.

What happened was that from sending that out just to his existing list, and by changing the language so it speaks specifically to his ideal target market, we were able to generate from one send out 72 leads in under a week. What happened was that 10% of the people who we sent the information out actually put their hand up and said they wanted to book a session with The Mindful Juice Guy.

Now, the key thing to bear in mind is that he had to follow up manually initially and call each one of the people, meet up with them, and do his sales process. Just in the first week, out of those 72 leads he closed 11 businesses. He closed 11 of those leads and turned it into business.

Lead generation was incredibly effective for generating new business. The key things to note here is by speaking the language of their ideal target market, they were able to quickly and easily connect with them and making an offer straight after that. Once they’ve downloaded the book, it’s book consultation. The follow-up was automated, and we followed up quite a number of times. Through that follow-up process people were putting their hands up at different stages asking to book in a consultation with The Mindful Juice Guy.

Follow up like hell, and your pipeline will always be full, and you will have people putting their hands up at different times asking to work with you and create sales and do business. The biggest win for Ian here was that he was looking for leads and he found that a lot of money was already residing in his small list that he had already. He generated 72 leads of people that wanted to have a consultation with him out of the 800 people that we sent the book to. If you know anything about marketing stats, that’s an incredibly, incredibly high interest rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you have leads and are following up with them in person, if you follow up quickly, you will have more sales conversations which will leads to more sales
  • You don’t need to have a massive list in order to generate a lot of business. This list was only 800 in size and 72 leads were generated from it that were ready to buy
  • If you speak the language of your ideal target market you will have more people putting their hand up to talk to you and do business with you as they will feel like you understand them and connect directly to them.
  • Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!
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Sound Warehouse – Gary Crowngold

We doubled our sales within a month of working with Matt and his team and it was in December, which is normally our quiet month

Space Box – Hjalmar Venter

Our experience has been incredible, we had the best month we have ever had and we applied the principles we were taught which saved us hundreds of thousands in development and systems costs. Thank you!

Peter Sage

Working with Matt I was able to automate my sales and marketing for my 3 day event, which made over £70 000 in a little under 2 weeks