One Day Implementation Kickstarter

Space is limited to 10!

Get Your First Campaign Setup And Launched

You’ll learn a repeatable process that will bring you continuous incremental improvements to your sales and marketing efforts.

You’ll see a specific improvement as measured by increased sales and/or time savings.

Outcomes Of 1 Day Implementation

  • You’ll understand the repeatable process
  • You’ll have launched a tactic with measurable results, seeing a time savings and/or increased sales in your business.
  • You’ll understand how to use Infusionsoft to measure and optimize your launched tactic.
  • You’ll have an Action Plan for what’s next.

What Specifically Will Be Covered

  • Learning how to set up your marketing plan and Importing and segmenting your old contact list
  • Navigating the campaign builder and building your first campaign
  • Using campaign goals and building sequences
  • Writing effective copy
  • Customizing your dashboard for a quick view of your business
  • Financial reporting (If accepting payments online)
  • Setting up e-commerce (If accepting payments online)
  • Review your campaign and plan your next steps

Space is limited to 10!

2 free campaigns (sales/marketing/customer interaction and nurturing)

Cheats and shortcuts sheet for Infusionsoft and campaign building

One-on-one strategy session for your first campaign so you have direction when you start the 1 day