Now it’s no good doing all this work and not having a way to attract your ideal client. Worse if you attract them and your brand just does not fit the part. So let us focus on how to attract your ideal client. Now that you know who they are, how they think and the language that moves them, you need a way to get them to connect and reach out to you.

There are many ways to do this and the best way that we have found is to write a book. The interesting thing is that it does not have to be a novel or even a 100 page book. In fact what we have found is that a 10-20 page book is ideal, it’s quick and easy to read and it gets to the point very quickly. The reality is that 80% of people that download your book will never read it – even if they buy it!!!

Which means that the book needs to be crafted in a way that will get them to take the action that you want them to take and move them down the path you want them to go. To do this, we structure the book in a very specific way:

If they read the headline, they want to know more

If they read the chapter titles, they want to have a conversation

If they actually read the whole book, they are buying

Think about if you meet an author the kind of credibility it creates, it’s a WOW factor. When the book actually provides value in a topic you are interested in, there is a good chance you will hire the company to help you achieve the goal if the book is structured correctly. It is also a great way to connect to your ideal target market and collecting leads by saying: “Hey, I’d like to send you a copy of my book. Where can I send that?”

Case Study – The chef/war museum owner/changemaker/

business consultant

A client came to us who had many different messages . He had published 2 books already, one on being a changemaker and another on how to solve your problems. He had also written a cookbook and owns a war museum. These are all great achievements but they do not speak to his ideal target market.

He wants to target companies that have a manufacturing line. Can you see how there would be a disconnect? Even though there is the wow factor in his life achievements, if he went to speak to a company that he was trying to do business with, none of it made any sense and the company could not piece together how he would help them as none of his collateral spoke to his expertise in that area, in fact it did quite the opposite.

The solution was to firstly, remove all the collateral that did not speak to his ideal target market from his online image. As much as his other achievements are quite noteworthy, if they do not resonate with his potential clients, he is not speaking their language. They cannot understand how his offering will better their business.

Secondly, we showed him how to take the information out of his head and put it in a format that he could share with his ideal target audience in order to attract them to him and want to do business with him.

So we created a book called Process Improvement: Increase Your Manufacturing Line Productivity By 21% In The Next 30 Days. Now do you see how talking their language will make a huge impact on how people want to do business with you?

By creating this and placing book in front of the right people, it resulted in him receiving multiple business offers. One of them was for $250 000, which he received within 4 weeks of putting it out there. He continues to reap the benefits because it is simple and straightforward – you can literally judge the book by the cover?. It does what it says on the box so anyone reading it who is in that industry will be interested to know how to get this result. Some of them will want you to help them implement it too.

We can help you through this process. Creating a lead book is not an easy feat, trust me I know, this is my 3rd book. But as described above, once you do it, you become seen as an industry leader for your topic. If you can explain to people in a well written book the value your service brings, it lends credibility to your offering. To those who read your book and find it valuable to your business, you are instantly an industry reference and go-to person for advice on the topic.

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