Facts tell, stories sell – it’s a fact

We’ve all heard this before but just how do you craft a story that actually turns readers into paying clients? Well, first we
need to understand the structure of a good story. The basics are that there is a beginning, a middle and an end.
Then you need some characters – a hero, a villain and a desired person (optional).Then you need a framework – the hero (maybe reluctant) wants something and the rest of the story is the journey about discovering if the hero will get what she (it is a woman
entrepreneur magazine) wants. Along the journey, this hero will encounter obstacles (or problems) that she will have to
overcome. These obstacles may be physical, emotional or mental, and she will have to find a way to overcome them to
get the desired outcome, whatever that may be. Now let’s look at it from a business perspective, why does
business exist?

To solve problems

Our customers have problems and they need help. By talking about the problems, our customers will create a deeper
connection or rapport. Discuss the problems with them so that you can take them on a journey towards their goals. Your job
is not to be the hero but to be the guide that helps the hero on their journey. If you have read Dante’s Inferno, Dante had
to traverse the 9 levels of hell. His guide, Virgil, made sure that he didn’t get lost or stray from the path and also made it out
to the other side.

You are Virgil!

Another thing we need to understand is that people make decisions on emotion. Yes, there are some practical aspects to a decision but if you really want to get someone to buy into what you do, you need to talk to them and connect with them on an emotional level. No matter what product or service yousell, you want to tell them the story of what it will do for them personally, how it will change their lives and what they will be able to do with the solution you have provided.

Let me give you an example:

A client of mine, Daan, owns a small business selling coaching and software services. He runs the business with his wife and
has 3 children. His wife is pregnant with their 4th child and is very close to giving birth. At the same time the business is
taking strain as he is the only one who is running the business and has clients to look after. He is working 24-hour days, in
fact, when I spoke to him, he hadn’t slept for 3 days. Maybe that’s why he bought.
Can you imagine what it must be like to be working so damn hard, have all these responsibilities; to pay bills, take care of
clients, help look after 3 kids and support your very pregnant wife without sleep and being stressed out about not having
enough money coming in and servicing clients?

Maybe this is where you are at right now

When I spoke to him, he knew something had to change. Physically he just couldn’t carry on doing things the way he was. He was going to burn out. And that’s when he made the decision to take the leap and move forward. To burn the boats at the shore and only go one way, never looking back.

Well, let me tell you where Daan is right now…

Daan tripled his revenue in the first month of working together. His thinking changed, his belief in himself changed, he saw the
true value of what he does and the services he offers and how he really helps people. It changed his entire perspective
on business and on life. Daan now has 3 employees, and 4 kids (they don’t work for
him… yet, they’re too young). He has moved out of his homeoffice into an office with a view. He has more clients than he
knows what to do with and better yet, they pay him what he is worth – 10X of what he was originally charging. He did more
revenue in November 2017 than he did in the whole year. He hit 75% of his 2018 sales target in January. And all this happened
in only six months. If you have felt like Daan, or been in a similar position, and you
know you have a great message or product or service but just don’t know how to get it out to the world, book a call with me.
We can work through how you can achieve your own goals and dreams by using a step-by-step system to automate and
grow your business.

Simple, clean and to the point.

Here is the structure to create your own story:
• Who are they? (industry, company name, size if relevant)
• What is the biggest problem they face?
• Why did they come to you?
• What did you help them do?
• What were the end results?
Go and do this exercise. If you need help crafting your own
story, connect with me and I’ll guide you to achieving your

Always believe in magic,
Matt Clark





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