Systemizing your influencer empire

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Jul 02
Is it possible to set up systems so you can grow your business without everything relying on you? It is and I’m about to prove it. But first, let me tell you why I’ve gone this far… Uncovering the secrets of automation and building systems has become a passion of

Storyselling with your marketing message

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May 15
Facts tell, stories sell – it’s a fact We’ve all heard this before but just how do you craft a story that actually turns readers into paying clients? Well, first we need to understand the structure of a good story. The basics are that there is a beginning, a middle and

5 Must Have Apps For Any Business

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Mar 22
With so many apps out there and everyone promising a revolution to your day – from managing your schedule to your task list – it’s all very promising. We all go through the dance. Think of a problem which, at that moment, seems like it would really end your business.

The Perfect Welcome Email

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Oct 16
When you gain an email subscriber, that person has never been more interested in hearing from your business. Compared with other promotional emails, welcome emails are four times more likely to be opened and five times more likely to be clicked, according to a report by Experian Marketing Services. That

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