After many years of connecting with a community of existing and potential clients, building up a brand, and developing recognition as specialist in a particular area, we felt we needed to take the next step to grow our business. We investigated InfusionSoft and were delighted to identify a connection with VirtualEdge too.
Initially we focussed on streamlining our sales process, professionalising our digital communication by automating, and containing our admin through InfusionSoft.
Our next challenge was that we had developed a body of knowledge and a community and needed to pull together a number of strings in order to create and deliver an offering to multiple clients in a value-driven, and profitable way.
Virtual Edge, in particular Matt and Wesley, have used their combined skills to enhance our business. With a deep understanding of and experience with systems, digital tools, sales and communication skills, we were able to move quickly from training into strategy and implementation. Much of our thinking has converged and we’re starting to see promising results.
It has been a pleasure working with them. They have delivered and it has been a good experience over the last four months.
Nicci Giles

General Manager, Michalsons "practical legal solutions"

“Working with Matt I was able to automate my sales and marketing for my 3 day event, which made over £70 000 in a little under 2 weeks”

Peter Sage

Author, Public Speaker, Enlightened Entrepreneur, SAGE

I have gotten clear on my product offering and my message. and have singed up 3 new clients since i started this program and now my biggest problem is how do i deliver on all this new work

Adam King

CEO, Think Like a Fish

“We have had just two sessions with Matt and Wes and the amount we have already accomplished is incredible.  I never thought we had enough valuable content to write a book but after spending just one 4-hour session with Matt and Wes we came up with over 30 pages of highly structured high-value content that is going to help prospects with their business just by reading it even if they don’t buy our product.  In the process of writing the book Matt and Wes pushed us to uncover systems that we had already implemented for our clients but had never documented them.  It is going to be so much easier to communicate our true value to prospects now without trying too hard to sell them.  If you’re still thinking about working with Matt and Wes my only suggestion would to speed it up and do the 4-week accelerated version instead of the 12 week one if they still offer it – you’ll be amazed at how well their system works in creating everything that they promise to deliver. We just got started and we’ve already realized so much value…thanks guys.”

Piyush Parikh

CEO, Equinox Lifecycle Marketing

“It’s been life altering. My annualized ROI working with Matt is 1,000%. Within 3 months of completing the system, we closed 10X the amount we paid for the system. Matt just “gets it”. He has done this for his own business. He’s not one of these guys who is selling you a get rich quick scheme. He lives it in his own business.”
Kaz Kasinetz

CEO, Kazmania

The Virtual Edge Team Are Amazing!

We used thier expertise to help us build our sales, never did we think we would triple our turnover so fast, Wow thank you from The Sound Warehouse

Will certainly recommend them!

Gary Crowngold

CEO, The Sound Warehouse

Talk About Great Service!

We asked the guys at The Virtual Edge to create a Sales Funnel which was completely automated, and they did an amazing job.

They went over and beyond!

Hjalmar Venter

MD, Spacebox

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